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Originally Posted by Alex - Arvixe View Post
That is shocking. Reach out to their management team / feedback and let them know. Take a screenshot so it can't be edited out.
i have the email record of the ticket. this is also a joke.

i told them i dont take such from anyone, so refund all my active SSL certs so i can go elsewhere and this is their reply

********Dear Terry,

the only order that was placed within 30 days and is applicable for refund is S0116326, we did full refund to it.
You had 6.64 Pounds on your balance, and we refunded it to your Paypal account.

Your account maybe suspended If you will continue to speak with us in such tone.

Ticket Details

Ticket ID: YWY-612-15236
Департамент: Sales Department
Type: Issue
Status: In Progress
Priority: Critical

cant find their management details they are part of the EnVers Group SIA , but their site gives no contact details and only contact on the gogetssl site is support @ email, so that will be pointless.

well at least i have an account with The SSL Store, so will be setting up their WHMCS plugin and use them. i have 8 SSLs active with gogetssl, 2 are due for renewal
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