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so managed to get an email for their CEO and this is the reply i got from him

From: vlad
Sent: Thursday, August 13, 2015 12:07 PM
To: main support
Subject: RE: Fw: [#YWY-612-15236]: now way for CSR

Dear Terry,

I checked your situation and I see that our staff was investigating you case, and even checked your WHMCS system, which is tunned so much and can have many bugs.

They login as your Customer and found that its possible to submit CSR without any problem, so for me the problem not clear, please explain in details, so I can involve CTO to find the solution.

Regarding refunds, there are policies that allow to refund orders within 30 days only. Your are saying that you dont care it so you dont care our rules. I will ask our billing to make full refund even for old orders, but please note, that all that orders will be revoked and Comodo/Symantec will contact your end customers with explanaition of conflict between The Easyhost Media group and Envers Group LTd in details.

For the first five years Im hearing that "okay" is a vulgar word. I feel its just missunderstood between you and manager.

Please note, as we are good friends of TheSSLstore we will notify about that incident and requests to refund all old certificates, that need understand their risks too.

Let me know if more questions.
Best Wishes
Vladislavs Dovoreckis
so a threat to contact The SSL store and get them to refund and close my account with them.

I wonder what planet they are from.

Never was an issue with getting a new ssl cert as the issue was with a clients renewing an ssl, so what they did in my WHMCS never did anything involving the issue reported to them
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