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Originally Posted by Licensecart View Post
And I say that because the API call might have died half way before sending to them.
Well when the client renewed nothing happened, so they wanted to look in my WHMCS to see if they could find issue, but rather than do that they just set up an account and then ordered a ssl which they say asked for CSR (even thought that was not the issue)

so i tried today trying to get a free trial SSL to see if it goes through by ordering it as a client.

yes got to point of asking for CSR, even though their module never called whmcs to send out the notice to goto client area to complete. but when trying to submit CSR i got this ( and yes i had auth key and it was set up correctly within module)

The following errors occurred:

An error occured: You must request auth key before accessing this method

so it is something their end. but why could they not help in figuring what went wrong rather than swearing
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