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so the latest email from their CEO was

The problem was customer DNS server problems, not ours.

Now regarding WHMCS, the module doesn’t have option for renewals, so in fact renewal is absolutely same process as new order. What did you expected the process of renewal will be? You click renew and the order will be renewed automatically? That would be great, but its not working like that, Symantec not even allow to use original CSRs for renewal orders, so customers should always generate new CSR.

The only problem I see is that screen

I’m almost sure that all the case went in next scenario:

1) Customer placed renewal order at your WHMCS

2) No action was from our side, as no CSR and order details received

3) You created order manually at our system

4) Order was issued

5) But since customer missed Configuration of SSL in The WHMCS, the statuses were wrong

To avoid that, your customers should create renewal order AND pass the configuration process, then the order will arrives to our system via API and no problem should be.

In October there will be new WHMCS module with many updates and new features
so now they are saying it is a DNS issue, so i tried ordering the same RapidSSL certificate from the same clients account with the only difference being i changed the module to that of TheSSLstore.
SSL ordered, whmcs system email received, CSR provided, approver email received and completed and within a few minutes SSL cert arrived.
So If their was DNS issue then the one from The SSLStore would have also never arrived.
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