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Originally Posted by Cloudarama View Post
I'm in the research phase of and I'm looking to register a Delaware C Corp at the moment, so I will also need to then arrange a business bank account etc.

I'd also need a business debit or credit card (can secure the credit card with cash) etc and if the bank has Xero integration that would be awesome too but not the end of the world.

My requirements are pretty basic
- US Bank account with internet banking
- Stripe or Braintree will be used for CC processing

Any recommendations on banks? I would fly in the US to open the account in person. I'm an Australian citizen. Looking to do this in a few months.

PS - sort of a weird question, how do you pay US taxes and fees? Online with a wire transfer or mailing in a check?

Anything else I should think about?
you could goto The Bank of America who have location in Australia
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