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So, here's me trying luck once again.
(I hope now is the right time to do it)

I am looking for a VPS reseller account to be able to either sell and give away/sponsor VPS, however if anything is done out of the blue or i need something else I would tell you. In fact, I do give constant feedback ranging from a current status update of the current workflow to a personal introduction, what do I feel in the present, where do I come from and where I plan to go.

Speaking of which I would like to present myself.
I am Luis from Argentina and have 23 years old. I become interested in webhosting when I was exploring my Yahoo! mail account in 2005 and saw Geocities and opened a page on it. I was searching for a girlfriend back in the day. Sick of the ads and limits, I started looking for a better host but due to my age (13) found out I couldn't pay. I didn't have English knowledge other than the one taught to me in school (I am not perfect as of yet but have a good understanding well enough to be able to conduct business safely).
Then, I found Post to host (P2H) forums and then saw in one post WHM and became interested in it, researched it and then became interested in reseller hosting. Due to the payment limitation, I couldn't get other than free. Therefore, I went to free hosting forums and have had nice adventures and learned more how the system was.

To keep it short, I left for a while in 2007 due to personal problems and come back in 2010, when I had my first VPS. It was a cool story how I stumbled upon it, but for now let's get to the point. It was too low end for my needs. I needed room to grow, and then due to a post to host friend discovered how sponsorships work. I was sucessful on my first attempt and got to make a nice amount of affiliate sales (as far as I remember, 150 if I'm not mistaken). Learned out a lot about Linux and how VPS and virtualization works. Then, I was raking experience and getting bigger and better VPS.

My current state of affairs is I have 3 ongoing sponsorships. 1 is a long term which lasted 1 year and more than 3 months. The other two were a result of the request. So far so good they are all in good state.
I have done mistakes in the past as well, which have costed me some bans so I will not mention who they are due to the fear of getting banned / crossed out as a shill.

I want to get to a free dedicated server, or a free rack. That would be the final and boss stage of the sponsorships. It is like a ladder of some sort, but that is for the future. I am thinking 2020 - 2050.
I have spoken with my current sponsors and none can offer me that option as of yet, some don't have set it up and for some I don't want to take out resources I woudn't probably use. By the time of this message, all sponsors were requested for this kind of service and none can offer it (will edit if anyone's willing to)

While I appreciate any kind of virtualization, I'm against OpenVZ (tho if is the only option I would take it). It's due to the limits it put on VPS containers, it's bad and unclear memory management (you have to parse the user_beancounters files to see your current resource usage), and the fact it's used by VPS hosts that oversell like crazy.

As a kind of personal comment, this is the next stage. I am trying to get a level up from VPS to VPS reseller. From now on, all future sponsorship letters will be of 500+ words and will request VPS reseller+.

I request all my current sponsors to keep things as they are now, none will change unless you want to change it.

As for what you will get on retribution - yes this is what you are looking for - I guess it's obvious. If I make a sale you will get a percent of it. All the current rewards I offer from VPS sponsors (marketing, support work, reviews) stays.

In closing, I hope you see this letter and will honor it.

(Edit: They have offered me a system where I can buy and then resell VPS, however I prefer the traditional way)

(P.s: The reason I have done this request after having got VPS is because I want to try out luck - if it doesn't work then it's no problem, atleast I could say I attempted it).

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