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It looks like you don't get what I'm trying to say, and if I don't put some anger into the pot no one gets it right. I meant to say i want to be able to create and remove VPS just like in normal cpanel/WHM accounts, that way I can give free VPS's too. I don't have any money to pay with. If you did a bit of research about me and my country, you'll know why. The programs you linked me to require me to pay upfront $100+ for each account, which is too much for me and not affordable. Not to mention I don't have and can't have a credit card, and also that every US dollar costs 9-15 of my country money, so a $10 VPS means 90-150 (depending on bank currency) of my own money.

This reminds me of the never ending discussions that appear everytime I tell people why I have a girlfriend.

What I meant to say is a SolusVM-like reseller account, where you have a certain allowance (in space GBs, memory, CPU, and bandwidth) from which I can create VPS from.

Was my post more clear now?