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Originally Posted by luis123456789 View Post
It looks like you don't get what I'm trying to say, and if I don't put some anger into the pot no one gets it right. I meant to say i want to be able to create and remove VPS just like in normal cpanel/WHM accounts, that way I can give free VPS's too. I don't have any money to pay with. If you did a bit of research about me and my country, you'll know why. The programs you linked me to require me to pay upfront $100+ for each account, which is too much for me and not affordable. Not to mention I don't have and can't have a credit card, and also that every US dollar costs 9-15 of my country money, so a $10 VPS means 90-150 (depending on bank currency) of my own money.

This reminds me of the never ending discussions that appear everytime I tell people why I have a girlfriend.

What I meant to say is a SolusVM-like reseller account, where you have a certain allowance (in space GBs, memory, CPU, and bandwidth) from which I can create VPS from.

Was my post more clear now?
for one thing BudgetVM and Tagadab are PAYG so you only pay what you sell

No one is going to give you a stock of VPS for free so you can give these away.
VPS works totally different to cPanel/WHM
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