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Originally Posted by Licensecart View Post
Hello Terry,

I think someone else had a similar issue on the InterWorx forums.

Are you using v6? John and a OP had issues and John said:

"Actually, v6.01 gives a 500 error on module creation, so on my dev I cannot provision siteworx accounts, but it looks like a soap issue I think, as logs show details do not match."

Is your WHMCS installation on your InterWorx control panel? If it is try enabling graceful restart under Webserver.
yes using WHMCS 6.0.2, and soap is enabled just wont communicate with interworx. its on a different server.

i have another hosting site that uses Blesta and that communicates and set sup siteworx accounts without any issue.

interworx support could not be anymore helpful, they extended my trial period a further 4 weeks, so i can try it out.

last 2 messages from interworx support were

02/09/2015 18:59 Hey Terry,

Just a quick update. I've spoken to Jimmy B. at WHMCS and they are working on it. I'll let you know when I have more information.

03/09/2015 15:24 Hey Terry,

It looks like WHMCS expects a release for the updated InterWorx Module in about two weeks time, but they are considering a hotfix which could be available as soon as 2 - 3 days. I'll stay in contact with them, but it looks like they are resolving this issue. Thanks again for bringing this to out attention!

but guess what nothing from WHMCS
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