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Originally Posted by Artashes View Post
I think what he meant by "everyone" is everyone here. But again, you don't actually have to share your business plan with everyone and/or in public. Since you are asking for the hardware, for the support, for someone to pay and sustain the operation, it is a fair question to ask about what you bring to the table. Investors in your business would want to know about your skills, the marketing plan, how you plan to run the company, etc.
Thanks you for the clarification in this. While the plan is the indeed secured for obvious reasons I will share some additional things that I will be part of in within public view.

In addition of the supplying our company with the respected licensing (both for the dedicated server and billing platform), website, SSL, domain, and backup space. I would also take part the following to our company..

1. General support services (presales/billing/general questions about the service).
2.Market in free places (related forums and possibly classified ads) and have my family members help spread this as well in the "local market".
3.Help maintain financial records (I need help on your end though as you would be supplying the hardware in some form to be reported so I am able to record those respected expenses).
4.Help keep stock records of resources used/remaining and help plan expansion in advance (again this will be both of us efforts for the reason above).

I hope this help to display what I am able to do to help both of us to be a successful company that we can both enjoy the "fruits of our labor" from.

Thanks you both for asking these questions as it seems that people are being serious about this here unlike that other forum I tried this at.. Which I hopefully "at the end of the day" get a partner that is the same.