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Originally Posted by wizzo85 View Post
although to suspend an account for 1 day late invoice payment is kind of harsh.

They sign up with you and agree to your TOS to pay you by a given date, most hosts will generate and send invoices at least 7 days before they are due, so that is 7 days for them to pay or make contact with you to say they may be late paying, so if no payment is made by or on the due date then why should you not suspend them the following day to stop them using your resources without payment.
You are in a business to make money not to give resources away for free. It all depends on how you run your business, we suspend 2 days after due date, so allowing at least 1 overdue invoice to be sent.

We currently have 1 clients who is late every month, in fact he only pays after the late fee is added for some reason, but he does not like subscriptions and as this is the only issue i have with this client who has been with me 3 years and only started doing this about 6 months ago i have no problem with this as i know he pays
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