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Originally Posted by Harv45 View Post
Thanks you for the information, the provider I am at said that they treat a GB as 1,000MB and not 1,024MB as I thought I should be getting pr GB. With that said should I just get a refund for them not telling me at purchase? Since the package only said..
5GB Diskspace
50GB Bandwidth

And I am not getting those specs that I paid for (since they told me AFTER purchase that a GB is 1,000MB is how they treat it).
Are you using the full 5 GB diskspace and full 50 GB bandwidth they provide?
Are you mistreated by your provider in terms of level of customer support?

Why would you ask for a refund because of mere 24*5= 120 MB of space that you are supposedly not getting, when the provider didn't even promise that space in the package?