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Originally Posted by Artashes View Post
I consider myself savvy, but I don't care if I am serviced by a reseller. I want the person who cares about my server as much as I do to be the one running it. Even if I were to purchase the server from the source, someone still has to reach out to them and fix it if something were to happen. So I'd rather the reseller do that for me if I am confident in their abilities and I trust their commitment. Web hosting is about people to me, not hardware.
yes, but i have has clients ask me if i have my own servers as they don't want to be hosted by a reseller.

Also if you are a reseller and their is a server issue, your client contacts you as their site is down ( if they can as your account will be on the same account as theirs, so if their site is down then so will yours), but if they can contact you, then you then have to try and contact your host to fix the issue as you have no server control.

If you want to be taken as a serious host then you really need at least a VPS ( which you can now get as cheap as a reseller account). This way you have more control. for a little extra get a managed server then if you get an issue that you still cant figure out and fix you have the ability to reach out to your server provider/DC for extra assistance.
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