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Originally Posted by Harv45 View Post
As long as like Cloudlinux is used and the resources are there then it should be possible. However most do not treat these as hard limits and just says "you may burst UP to these but you cannot use what Cpanel actually shows your max are".
You are misconstruing the purpose of Cloudlinux. We don't use it as a feature of a specific shared hosting account. Its used to protect all the other accounts from that account.

For example, if your site begins to use a lot of CPU or memory, rather than slowing the entire server and possibly causing a failure for everyone else on the server, it will slow only your site --- maybe even throw a 500 or 508 error. The result: If there are 500 sites on the server 499 of them will remain satisfied, and only one will not....instead of all 500 being unsatisfied

In other words, Cloudlinux is used to maintain the balance and stability of a shared hosting envirnment, not to provide cpu, ram, i/o as a hosting plan feature like disk space, email accounts, etc
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