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Originally Posted by Irene Rogers View Post
Actually, there are live chat services that allow you to verify your customers without leaving the chat, just by asking them to log in to their account or without a single question if they are already logged in. When set up properly, the agent chat app will immediately show when the user is logged in and even provide the agent with some additional details about the account (literally any information you decide to pass to the app) - customer's contact details, how long they have been your client, any account stats, etc.

Chat transcripts are also trackable, no matter which live chat software you use. All chat providers I know offer this in one way or another.
Live chat is still not a real viable way to provide more than level 1 support. to link to clients accounts you need one that integrates into system like WHMCS, but even the stardevelop one that WHMCS use is not good as the end user cannot request the transcript to be emailed or printed and if they need to provide a screenshot or attachment they cannot do this through the live chat.
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