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Originally Posted by Collabora View Post
A ticket system integrated with your billing/crm software will identify a client's profile email. If request is from an unknown email you can direct the reply to the proper email/client. Thus if requester is not client, client will tell you "I didn't ask that" or something similar.

As stated above, an integrated ticket system will match the FROM address with a client's profile email. Client would not need to get onto web, log in, etc

Customer's would prefer using email than the web-based ticket system. My brick and mortar customers verbalize this to me on a constant basis. I am sure your regular ol' hosting customers have the same preferences.
The live chats that integrate with WHMCS are useless as they don't give a lot of features.
If a client contacts me via livechat (, facebook messenger, email then they must provide a support pin which they get from their clientarea when they login.
They cant even open a support ticket unless they provide the support pin
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