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Originally Posted by Andrius View Post
Also it is good to keep customer data for another 7 days if customer will want to reactivate services.
This will only work if you backup the customers data as if you use WHMCS, CE, Blesta, Hostbill etc. as soon as you click terminate it will terminate the account and remove the site and files from the server and these will be lost forever.
our backup server will remove any backup 7 days after the service has been terminated from the hosting server, but if an account was terminated for breaking our TOS then the client will not get a copy of any backup, if its due to overdue payment then the client will not get a copy of the backup until the outstanding invoices are paid in full.

We do daily backups, but this is not for the clients benefit, it is for our own purposes in case servers go down and need reinstalled. when a client orders hosting they are giving the chance to pay a small monthly fee, which would allow them to request a copy of the backup if they every need a copy due to work they do on their site that goes wrong (we have all done this at some point). If they dont opt for this and ask for a copy of a backup then they pay a one off fee
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