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Originally Posted by ughosting View Post
The OP would be better placed looking for a VPS, which he can hammer to his hearts content.
Even a VPS is not necessary promised resources (mileages will vary). This is because of "vCores" and so few VPS providers even tell you what a vCore is in term of actual CPU power..

Why brother with such things if they pose the same "headaches" if not more than a shared provider?

Again I am not looking for "burst able limits" I am looking for what I can use 100% of the time if needed. Even if it significantly less than what most providers allocate for their "burst able limits". For instance if there were two hosts and one were advertising 1GB of RAM that is really "burst able limits" or another that were to only give 256MB of RAM but it truly there for just you. I would much rather take the 256MB and spare the up selling BS that could come from most providers who only do by "burst able limits" and "semi reserved limits".