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Originally Posted by Localnode View Post
Keep in mind many hosts will not offer any script support.

You probably don't need a VPS, if you want a VPS - you will need it fully managed, either by the host or from a 3rd party. As such cPanel (or a different control panel) will be needed (for most cases) as many management providers won't manage a server without a control panel.
Then why I am bothering paying for their profit margins? From what you saying I may as well as just get a bare metal box, collocate, get the various licensing who WILL support what they sell, and do everything in house instead and get better results in the end.

I am sorry if I am not clear but a VPS is NOT what I am looking for. I am looking for dedication though (literally and figurative). At this point I do not care if it does come down to what I said should this does not produce reasonable offers.