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I think you would be better off stating what you need.

For instance...

I need 512MB of RAM (total) for my PHP usage.
I need x amount of I/O
I need y amount of CPU (which I will use 100% of the time).
etc, etc

Most hosts don't offer this as standard as it's not required by standard.

If you let us all know exactly what your needs are, then we can all start to give you quotes.

I personally would be quite happy to give you a PM'd quote off the back of exact requirements.

Although do bare in mind that most users use very little CPU time, a very busy site may use 5-10% cpu (average on a shared host), so if you are after 100%, you may have to pay 10-20 times as much, as the host would otherwise be able to sell the resources to 10 or 20 customers different customers.
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