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Originally Posted by ughosting View Post
I think you would be better off stating what you need.

For instance...

I need 512MB of RAM (total) for my PHP usage.
I need x amount of I/O
I need y amount of CPU (which I will use 100% of the time).
etc, etc

Most hosts don't offer this as standard as it's not required by standard.

If you let us all know exactly what your needs are, then we can all start to give you quotes.
Okay then let's see where this goes
I need 256MB of RAM Total
I need 2MB/s amount of I/O
I need 25% amount of CPU
ALL resources are to be available to me and only me and I am only to be sharing the hardware components ONLY.

I also expects to have "pay as I go" resources as well (meaning if I just say need another x% CPU for instance I should be able to pay y additional monthly for it.