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Originally Posted by UltratechHostS View Post
Depending upon service taken we wait few days after invoice is overdue. Also we keep their data for next 1 month as some customer, and leasy and they come back and ask we forget to pay and want to continue etc.
but keeping data takes up space that could be used by someone who pays ontime.
As our system gives 28 days from the time an invoice is generated along with at least 6 reminders in that timeframe, we consider this plenty of time for the client to contact us or make payment, as the backup is kept on the backup server for 7 days after termination, then they are free to return within the 7 days to have the site restored as long as they pay any outstanding invoices. After 7 days they can return, but we wont have any backups to restore from. This is is our TOS, so clients are aware and accept this.
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