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Originally Posted by Harv45 View Post
Okay then let's see where this goes
I need 256MB of RAM Total
I need 2MB/s amount of I/O
I need 25% amount of CPU
ALL resources are to be available to me and only me and I am only to be sharing the hardware components ONLY.

I also expects to have "pay as I go" resources as well (meaning if I just say need another x% CPU for instance I should be able to pay y additional monthly for it.
Here is the problem with shared hosting.
Whilst we can limit you to 256MB of RAM, 2MB/s I/O and 25% CPU, so you can hammer the hell out of it. (Using CloudLinux)
We cannot reserve it so only you can use it. As if all the sites suddenly got busy those resources too would be shared.

I'm not sure you can do much with 25% of a CPU core however, that's not great if you want your site to work well with many visitors.
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