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Originally Posted by luis123456789 View Post
I have a VPS which I currently can use it to my heart's content. It was from an old deal in the past.

Thing is, I have 1 GB of ram and that's that. It's Linux and I use Swap for the additional resources. I use a desktop environment and Kloxo, and it works fine. I use NoMachine for RDP purposes. If you want truly allocated resources you can use your best bet would be either Xen HVM or KVM as an OpenVZ VPS gives all the issues you stated. Collabora offers Xen HVM, too. I guess you can make him a Xen HVM deal?

Sharing resources on VPS is a different deal than on shared hosting. As in, you can pay that $5/mo. and get a good VPS, with all those resources semi dedicated to you. IN shared hosting, you will have to return unused resources which is not a good deal either, as you are limited still per TOS/agrements. And plus they may have most limits. The only trade off is that a VPS with licenses can be more expensive and also the resources have to host the Operating System (OS).

You can still ask for an empty VPS and play with it to your heart's content. That's how I learned Linux, and also how I have learned my way through Android. If you have any failures your VPS hangs but you can be sure you can tweak any OS settings you may want.

As for all others, cPanel, etc, there can be a deal too? I don't need it, I'm happy with Kloxo or another free CP.
I wished it was "that easy" just to spin up the VM but as you mentioned your responsible for the OS and everything within (administration) and of course paying for licensing..

Which is why I am looking for "best of both worlds" the resources dedicated but without the price of a fully managed VPS (you won't get ANYWHERE unless your start on a minimally $30 a month budget).