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Originally Posted by Harv45 View Post
Excuse me but how did you get "script" issue from replying regarding the previous poster that had NOTHING to do with a script??
I didn't. I re-read your first post. To be frank, a specialised solution is probably something you want.
Either that or up your budget to include a VPS fully managed. Management usually starts at $29 for reactive and $100+ for decent proactive.

As you've mentioned you want resources dedicated to you - that leaves out shared hosting. VPS is sort of dedicated - some providers have equal share CPU, whereas some dedicate cores.
RAM limits and such are in place as well. As luis123456789 said - you probably want Xen or KVM.

Alternatively, semi-dedicated web hosting may have what you want - but prices are more expensive for that sort of thing. There are hard limits in place as well - CPU/RAM/IO. Most of the time these limits are higher than what you get on standard shared hosting, and there's typically fewer customers on those servers.

For $5 per month, many shared hosts can do what you want - but the resources as mentioned are not dedicated to you. You will have limits in place for CPU/RAM/IO, etc. as well as the usual disk space and bandwidth.
Many hosts also oversell, it's rare to read a case where users cannot utilise all of their disk space and bandwidth, but it has happened.

The only truly dedicated resources is dedicated hosting. I don't know of any fully managed dedicated servers for $5 a month.

For your budget, only shared will suit.

Without repeating myself:
Originally Posted by ughosting View Post
Here is the problem with shared hosting.
Whilst we can limit you to 256MB of RAM, 2MB/s I/O and 25% CPU, so you can hammer the hell out of it. (Using CloudLinux)
We cannot reserve it so only you can use it. As if all the sites suddenly got busy those resources too would be shared.
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