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1. MUST know what they are doing! A provider who I just exited could not even produce why a 500 error occurred after a software I used in the past just by clicking "install" on Softalious and blamed it on a the software when it was ALL OVER my entire account (got it on my other unrelated software that I had on there for DAYS).
2. Hard resources limited so I do not need to worry about "resource abuses" under the rug. From the CPU down to the I/O and to understand what EXACTLY I am paying for. No fair usage what so ever. In other words I am only to be the person suffering if I do not take proper actions.
3.Helpful support and truly puts in efforts. Resolution times are not an issue as long they are reasonable for the issue at hand and are through. In other words I would rather wait 3 hours for a resolution than 12x15 minutes replies of un helpfulness.
4. Must be willing to take in a customer who have "support abuse" on Fraud Record with a total of 14 rating and 1.9 reliability. Provided that everything else looks good.
5. I am needing the following resources for no more than $5 per month

I need 256MB of RAM Total
I need 2MB/s amount of I/O
I need 25% amount of CPU
ALL resources are to be available to me and only me and I am only to be sharing the hardware components ONLY. All for $5 monthly

Thanks you in advance.