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Built a new server? Made a new hire? Opened a new office? Rented new space in a datacenter, or maybe you opened one? Are you organizing an event or having an office party?

If you have exciting news about your business, we want to know!

For a chance to be featured in our blog and social media, send us your news, photos or videos of your servers, office space and the people behind it, for a virtual shout-out:

newsworthy [@]

Things to know:

If you are submitting creative content, such as photos or videos, please make sure that you are sending us your own original work. It would totally suck if we share it with the world just to learn a part of it was someone else’s intellectual property later on. Plus, you wouldn’t want to piss us off, would ya?

If submitting a video, please make it available for download via a link instead of sending it by email.

By sharing your news with us, you are giving us the right to archive, reproduce and/or re-distribute it with our audience via any information medium.

Due to volume of information, we are not going to be responding to any messages, unless further clarification is required.

There are things that will make some messages stand out from the rest. We’ll post about only those cool news and events that we see fit.
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