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Originally Posted by Andrius View Post
If the money back follow all rules - we refund without any questions.
This has nothing to do with chargeback, if you refund within MBG period then how could they start a chargeback as they have been refunded.

Originally Posted by Andrius View Post
If we cancel services due spam or other illegal activity and client wants refund - we refuse to return the money.
You need to place this in your TOS and then if they do chargeback you will need to prove to paypal they have acted illegally and against your TOS which you would need to prove these were the TOS they had accepted and agreed too

Originally Posted by Andrius View Post
If the user do chargeback by itself, we always process the PayPal dispute and almost always wins.
It is not that easy, the order may have been ordered and paid with a stolen card or stolen Paypal account and then genuine card hold or paypal account holder makes a chargeback on the money as they never authorised it. in that case you would never win.

If you get a Chargeback from any payment processor ALWAYS adhere too it and refund the money as if you dont they your account will be placed in a negative balance if you dont have the full funds in your account and if you do have the full fund then it would have been taken back out your account anyway.

then dispute the chargeback with evidence to back it up
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