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Originally Posted by cheapdedicated View Post
You may contest the charge back but most times if the payment was made from an account fraudulently you will have to make honor that charge back.
I had one such chargeback, but they guy was an idiot as after placing the chargeback which paypal took the funds off me and placed my account in a negative balance and threatened me with debt collections if i did not bring the account to a positive standing.

The supposed real card holder emailed me threatening to send guys round to break my legs for taking money from him without authority, but what he did not bank on was WHMCS logs IPS when orders are placed and when accounts are accessed.

The IPs WHMCS logged was the same as in the email header of the email i received from the supposed real card holder.
I passed this info onto paypal who immediately reversed the chargeback as the confirmed the IP i provided them was the same they had for the user, so it was clearly fraud on their park. they also advised me to pass my email from him onto the police as it was a physical threat, which i did and the guy responsible got an 18 month sentence.
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