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Originally Posted by LarsJ View Post
I have personally received "minor threats" but nothing as extreme as your case. We've had bad people use horrible language where techs informed me he needs to go...

The IP matching is vital in proving services rendered to clients who claim they never received services and matching things up such as emails. (Send emails to the same email used to place the order!)

Also, every order needs a confirmation that client agreed to TOS, AUP and SLA.

Confirmed PayPal accounts also help significantly in our experience with cc fraud.
Also IP headers in any emails they send you will show their IP and hostname they have used to mail you and most people will just send through their own ISP, so will be the same IP and used to place orders etc.

I once had one client i terminated for non payment which normally after they get terminated i will send them a Letter Before Action, which adds extras to outstanding invoice. my final overdue invoice and in my TOS state after an LBA, debt collections will be started ( i normally dont go this far) just after LBA i cut my loses, but this one client started calling me and emailing me with insults and abuse because of the LBA, so to teach him a lesson i went the who hog, small claims which he ignored , so sent an judgement against him, which he admitted to the courts he owned the money, but refused to pay as i took his site down, so i handed it to the court collection service. this got him to pay, but the 60 he owned me ended up costing him 250 by the time legal fees etc were added.
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