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Originally Posted by vladimir View Post
What do you do if someone ordered the hosting, paid for it, they got the hosting, and then 5 days later they requested a chargeback, but they did not submit a ticket or request cancellation. Do you issue the refund and slap a fee for not attempting to contact you before making a chargeback, or do you just refund and move on. The reason why I ask this specific detail is. For the past few days I have been having those type of orders.
depends what you mean by Paypal Chargeback.

If they have cone through paypal resolution and stated

1) 'they never received the item' they you just dispute this with paypal and provide evidence that they have received what they ordered and used it.
2) 'unauthorised use of their account' then this is more tricky as paypal would have frozen the payment and given the buyer the money back.

i case 2 i would refund the money as its less hassle.

but either case i would immediately suspend the clients account and then email them giving them 48 hrs to reply and explain themselves or the account will be terminated, if they dont reply with 48 hrs then terminate their account and block the user and their IP'.

you should have it written in your TOS that any payment disputes will mean account suspension and possible termination without warning.
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