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Originally Posted by Licensecart View Post
Trust me I can be bias but only against WHMCS, I tried WHSuite in beta thought it was very bare, but now they are charging $6 (then $12) I told the truth... would you really pay for software which is buggy as hell? If you do go with WHMCS , at least they are more stable.

On WHSuite if you want to add PayPal, you go to the addons page try and find it mixed in with modules / plugins / other gateways.

When you find it install it, then tell me where you found the settings to put the PayPal email address in and the other stuff. Because it's about 10 minutes away from the installation button.

When you go to and click Order now, what happens? You see a "add to cart" button... Is that user friendly? Does it look like it's worth $6 / $12 of your hard earned cash? Not in my opinion.

The Checkout should in common sense situations be displayed when there's something in the cart, if you click it you are then redirected to the login page with an error you can't disable (which is in green by the way).


Ok now you are adding a sales ticket, click on Support > Create a ticket as a guest, why is there a services option which has N/A? You'd assume it's common sense again to be shown if you are logged in.


The two copyrights is confusing and misleading because do you own the Intellectual property of WHSuite when you buy a monthly license? That's what it is, the left is the copyright by WHSuite the right is (c) your company name.


If you wish to waste money you are better off chucking the money into a river or off a cliff.

Agreed about Hostbill who is willing to pay $599 for a license and then pay $99 for every addon / order form you want.

I have seen your screenshots and I agree with you. However I opened this thread because every competition is good for us web hosting companies and this software can be freely discussed.

I also added it would be best to download a trial and personally see the issues you have pointed out with screenshots. I believe they are very critical and you are right. Even if they charge $1 or $6, once you are a paid product, mistakes should rarely happen.

However, not everyone here saw your screenshots on LET and I felt like I should let people know that you are an exclusive Blesta reseller while evaluating your comments. I did so.