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Dear members and visitors,

We've all heard the great debate about unlimited disk space and bandwidth offered by hosting companies. In fact, in over a decade of HostingDiscussion existence, I lost count how many times our members have argued about the subject.

During the same ten plus years, HostingDiscussion stood on the path of restricting such advertising in its marketplace. We proactively monitored and enforced the policies to ensure all companies were in line with the restrictions while posting their offers.

Fast-forward to today. The marketing of unlimited disk space and/or bandwidth is everywhere and just because it doesn't exist (as much as unlimited emails, forwarders, databases or subdomains do not technically exist), doesn't mean it isn't here to stay. If 15 years ago it was a new dangerous term that was perceived as a definite red flag, in 2016 everyone from startups to the largest and most respected companies market unlimited hosting plans.

Along with the widespread adoption of the term came another critical challenge. HostingDiscussion has vigorously protected its marketplace for years, but what we've started to see happen more frequently is that companies would post limited offers in their threads, but have unlimited resources listed on their sites. Sometimes companies have only one or two limited plans which they legitimately post here, but once customers end up on their website, they are exposed to all of them, including unlimited deals. While we can control and moderate content posted by companies on our forum, we cannot do that on their websites, making our policing efforts unproductive.

For these reasons, and in order to adapt to modern times, effective today we are lifting the restriction on advertising unlimited disk space and/or bandwidth in our Marketplace. In other words, such advertising terminology is now allowed.

Apart from providing web hosting companies with a platform to communicate, discuss industry challenges, help each other grow as well as find new business, one of our missions has always been to also educate consumers. As such, along with permitting companies to advertise unlimited plans without restrictions, we are presenting a terrific guide written by our community advisor ughosting (available in every hosting-specific marketplace forum) that will keep potential clients informed about what they might expect if they were to sign up for such a plan.

It is the end of an era, folks. I am going to go have a sip of my San Pellegrino Aranciata.