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Originally Posted by MechanicWeb-sho View Post
Aplha and MR are not same, if managed properly, MR is profitable.

As I said earlier, clients who get 10 resellers tend to move to dedi. It becomes virtually impossible for them to provide support to their clients if they don't.
Alpha is just next step up from MR without root server access.

why would you say you cant give support to 10 resellers so you move to dedi. as still you need to provide the same support to the 10.

you should only provide support to your direct clients as in my scenario

10 MR who have 10 R each who they have 10 shared account sill gives 1000 accounts on the server

you only provide support to the 10 MRs and it upto them to support their 10R and then them R to support their shared clients, but using MR they can soon fill up your server
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