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Originally Posted by MechanicWeb-sho View Post

Can you relate to a real life situation? I haven't seen a single occurrence where this statistics match.
It is a simple concept

you have a VPS

you sell 10 Master Reseller accounts
each of these Master Resellers sell 10 reseller accounts which is 100 accounts on your VPS
each of these resellers now sell 10 shared accounts each so that is 100 x 10 = 1000

so now you have 1000 accounts on your server, but your contract is only with the 10 master resellers, so if these sell more reseller accounts then you can soon have a server filled and you have not control over any account apart from the 10 MR.

Only way you can control it is limit the amount of accounts a MR can add to the server.

I no longer offer MR accounts and i limit resellers to an initial 20 accounts, if they want to add more accounts then they just open a ticket and request this.

I also do random checks on all servers picking a selection of accounts and check these out.

and when new accounts are created and the domain does not look right then i will research the domain to see if it has any history and then ask the client to explain about the domain and website.
This way my servers remain clean and user friendly
I am pleased with my safety record as since i started in 1999 i have never had a DDOS attack or hack against any of my servers
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