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Originally Posted by cheapdedicated View Post
Dont you then think even the current monetary rewards should be scrapped because they are not any different after all?
Not at all, because at this moment the quality control process us under our command. We decide what we consider a helpful interesting contribution. Giving such powers to members might create a shift in the quality of material that is being awarded and move the forum towards a completely different business model that I mentioned before.

Originally Posted by MechanicWeb-sho View Post
As a matter of fact, I do not like the idea of rewards in the form of money including the existing one HD has. It sends a wrong message to the ones who do not use HD regularly.

For me, I didn't sign up with HD before because of the "get paid to participate" offer. I understand that it's a way of putting value to members that actually contribute valuable information/interaction but it kind of differs from the concept of sharing. You can replace that with a temporary badge and a count of how many temp badge a member received in the lifetime of their account.
And I totally appreciate that you didn't sign up for that and hope that everyone does it for the right reasons. I think the fact that the award is never guaranteed and is used randomly would not convey anyone that that is what is expected 100% of the time. We use it as a promotional mechanism to thank people for their time in providing interesting and valuable contributions. We do not use it all the time, keeping it proper balanced and incidental. So in the minds of members, it is more like a pleasant add-on feature.

I do agree with you on a lot of points and I love the idea of badges. Vanilla software provides a totally cool set of engagement tools with their forum, but they lack in a lot of other areas. I've considered moving to it quite a number of times that it became a struggle in a way. We introduced a Thank You button a while back, which is designed exactly with the purpose to thank someone for their insight and/or help. Pure, clean and honest way of feedback.

We'll see where we go from here. When we launched the Paid Post reward system, we had no idea what to expect. But during these years we saw a lot of great posts and the overall feedback received was positive. Member feedback, not corporate interests, is what builds this community, so if the feedback was negative, this program would not have survived long.