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Originally Posted by AviarHost View Post
Tried whsuite for a month, cannot be compared to whmcs, i guess the price is that lower also
I would compare it to BoxBillling if that.

Originally Posted by RosenHost View Post
I have seen your screenshots and I agree with you. However I opened this thread because every competition is good for us web hosting companies and this software can be freely discussed.

I also added it would be best to download a trial and personally see the issues you have pointed out with screenshots. I believe they are very critical and you are right. Even if they charge $1 or $6, once you are a paid product, mistakes should rarely happen.

However, not everyone here saw your screenshots on LET and I felt like I should let people know that you are an exclusive Blesta reseller while evaluating your comments. I did so.

True and we're not an exclusive Blesta distributor, there's:
and some small ones, but I'm more well known for Blesta because we've sold Blesta since May 2013, and advertise it more than the other two well known distributors. I am also a forum moderator at