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Originally Posted by CyberSasu View Post
I would say 30 days is more than enough.However, you can email them for invoice overdue.And open a ticket before terminating,whatever his invoice is $0.01 or $10, just open a ticket before terminating.That's all.
If you use WHMCS then you can set when the invoice is sent X days before due date

ours is set like this

An invoice will be generated and sent 14 days before the due date
A reminder will be sent 1 day before the due date
Invoice then resent on due date and then if unpaid
After 1 day a First Overdue reminder is sent.
After 2 days a Second Overdue reminder is sent.
After 2 days your account will be suspended and a 20% or 2 late fee is added to the invoice, whichever is greater.
After 3 days a Third and Final reminder is sent
After 14 Days your account will be terminated.

so basically from invoice being issued to account termination they have had had 28 days to pay the invoice or contact us

7 days after termination, if any invoices still remain unpaid, they will be passed onto Express Debt Collection and 5 fee added to the invoice

so they have already had 1 invoice and 5 reminder before termination, so why should i open a support ticket with the client before termination
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