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Originally Posted by VpsAG View Post
Well he said he is from India so I think it may be kinda hard for him to create a company based in UK with servers in UK without him having any physical presence there.
Where are you getting your information from? Just wondering as it isn't accurate in this case .

He is from India yes, but this doesn't matter. He can order a UK server from any provider that offers them regardless of where he is from. He doesn't need to officially form a company to do this.

As for registering the company, he doesn't have to have a physical presence. He can setup an LTD (private limited company) from India online -- All he has to do is source a registered office address. He can consider a virtual office (as long as the place actually exists) or he can find an accountant that allows him to use their address.

@OP: If you decide to proceed with this, you can find an 'agent' that will form the company for you or check Companies House website.
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