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Originally Posted by itsyndicate View Post
Hey, HD people!
When you are thinking server and cloud management, we want to know what is your main interests in such a plan.

We mean following:
  • What software installation would you like to be fully automated? Maybe some parsers, SEO tools, mailing tools, etc.
  • What is your desired server / cloud config? What is the main feature you expect from the server / cloud? We donít mean RAM, Bandwidth or other hardware features. Regard it from the software side
  • What price are you ready to pay for the monthly server management that will fully free you from any kind of care about your server / cloud?
  • Maybe some other aspects you may expect from a server/cloud management company that may interest you.
We will be happy if you share your thoughts about it! Thanks in advance!
Before I choose what software I need on the server may I know what I would be going to use the server for? The use of the server determines what you might need. The practice is to allow the buyer to select at signup what software they might need pre-installed. Normally that will be the OS of their choice and a control panel if they wish. For unmanaged servers thats almost all. If its a managed server then others will depend on what the client wants to use the server for.
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