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Originally Posted by Collabora View Post
Naturally, revenue generation will be a guiding factor in any proposed design changes. Other than advertising, I don't know if any other source of revenue for the HD company.

However, there would be a guaranteed increase in advertising revenue if HD did not officially bad-mouth, lie about and downright criminalize hosts that offer hosting plans without the traditional quota limits on disk space and bandwidth -- as they do in their sticky articles in the Marketplace and in staff's postings. Why would such hosts spend marketing budget with companies whose made it a policy to convince their readers to not patronize such advertisers?
You know, I don't censor members' opinions and I don't tell staff what to think or say. If someone has an opinion - they are welcome to it. We don't represent any hosting company, all we do is connect the industry together. We only expect people to be respectful, a concept which has been lost on you lately, with the continuous little vile comments you like to make.

Also, there is no need to bring your agenda into every thread. This discussion has nothing to do with unlimited/limited hosts, neither it is about HD design or its revenue. As such, this time I am going to give you this public warning. As much as I am a tolerant person, my patience can eventually run out.

Back on topic please.
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