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Originally Posted by whmcsguru View Post
Oh, you mean like calling a product that ignores features requested by clients for years 'actively developed' ? nice try there. of course, we're all biased, and it doesn't get any more biased than the owner of a product trying to sweep glaring concerns under the rug.

Blesta is NOT 'actively developed'. A major version every 4 years for something as small as a billing client is not 'actively developed'. that's a hobbyist, nothing more.

As far as WHMCS and Stripe, there are plenty of workarounds , plenty of active modules for it. There's no reason for them to immediately jump on the bandwagon there. The same can not be said about Blesta.
Lol bit like you on WHT saying "Some people just want to complain to complain"

What did you do on the Blesta forums over a 3.0 importer beta:

You contradict yourself. It's up to the people who they prefer or want to use, they can search google find out the past of competitors, and find out what is better for them.