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Although I agree that WHMCS is not going to be beaten into 2nd place anytime soon, it doesn't mean that it will always be number one.

Other control panels cannot mature quickly enough that they are able to go to market fully functional and bug-free immediately. It will take a while for them to become a challenger.

However, what I believe we will see is WHMCS and other panels will also raise their game in order not to lose customers.
In theory, the incumbent has less work to do, as they already have customers and a working functional codebase.
As we all know as hosts, customers are hard won and easily lost.
The customers who are the most "sticky" are the ones with the most work to do in order to change, i.e. the reseller with 300 sites is less likely to change, unless you are doing something wrong, like downtime, or you are not providing a required feature. As long as you keep on top of the features and reliability, they will stay,

So as long as WHMCS does the same, keeps adding features and ensuring reliability and security, they will do well.
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