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Originally Posted by zomex View Post
WHMCS have also stood the test of time which is very important for any web hosting provider.

If anyone software had the potential to replace WHMCS it was HostBill but they turned out to have a lot of flaws with constantly changing their pricing model etc
Wasn't Blesta released only 2 - 3 years after WHMCS? So WHMCS in 2005 making Blesta 2007 - 2008? Point being, Blesta has been around for a very long time also .

I can't believe Hostbill to be honest, they had such a good opportunity at this market. I mean, they had direct partnership with SingleHop (offering free HB licenses in their Tandem reseller program or something) and a few other companies, the feature-set was there but they really let themselves down. Cut the reseller program, cut the partnerships and change pricing weekly!

But I guess if they're still around and pushing regular updates they must have finally found their price / market and are going strong. It might work out nicely for them, WHMCS has to provide support to thousands on thousands of clients for very few dollars per month whilst maintaining updates and so on. HostBill goes for less clients, higher margin so in reality, they wouldn't need as many support reps and can focus more on development.
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