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Originally Posted by whmcsguru View Post
Anything you do to frustrate your customers is going to cost you a customer. While many people (myself included) swear by password managers for websites and do come up with some rather complicated ones, the majority do not and won't. If they see you forcing them to change their password, or come up with a complexity they don't like, they'll leave.

Again, look at the example of the major sites and go from there. Yes, there are a few that require password changes, but most do not, and for a reason. Customers tend to just simply walk away, with their pocketbooks in hand.
never lost any customer due to this since i started in 1999.

even WHMCS now require its users to change their passwords on a regular basis.

1 reason many accounts get hacked etc. is due to people using simple word passwords. yes most people wont use password managers, so you need to educate these into making sure their sites are secure in as many ways as possible and if that means them to change their passwords on a regular basis then be it.
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