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Originally Posted by Angelshine View Post
I think this is the main reason why most companies are moving to Blesta.
Except, they're not. I've yet to hear of a single major supplier moving, or considering moving from WHMCS to Blesta, yet alone 'most'.

No matter what individuals want to tell you, 'mostly open' is not a good thing. It's a nightmare. Try upgrading a 'mostly open' system that's been modified. It just can't be done. Not without massive downtime, hours of frustration and hair pulling. You think WHMCS updates are bad? This is going to be a nightmare!

WHMCS took the right approach adding in hooks here. While this is limiting the functionality and expandability of this software, it's better all around. I've yet to see a properly developed hook crash an update or upgrade. That's not to say that they don't, but for the most part they won't. And, if they do, hey, you can very easily disable them until they're updated.

Modifying source, calling that a solution is not really even close to the way things need to be done, it's just an accident waiting to happen.
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