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This one's always a fun topic, and will always launch some opinion based discussions. Just remember to keep it civil?

What's your favorite language to work with? Least? Why?

My own preference:
I spent the good part of a decade with C from high school till just shy of 2002. From MUD's to BBS'es (yes, I'm that old ) , I had a blast.

When it came time to start working on web stuff, I naturally migrated over to PHP. My first php based site was a php-nuke sit tying into a MUD codebase I was developing, probably around 2000'ish.

Since then, it's been all PHP for me. Why? Functions, functions, functions and functions. I never did grasp the concept of OOP, though I use it here and there, having spent far too long working with the C based systems which, well, you guessed it... functions, functions, functions.

Worst favorite? A tossup between perl and Java. Perl, probably because of the massive permissions issues there. Java, because it's never, ever worked properly for me. That and it's dying out on the web side anyways (thank God!)

What's yours?
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