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So, one of the reasons I went the way I chose recently was not just to sell WHMCS related stuff, but maybe to impart some of my experience with WHMCS over the past few years. Of course, selling addons/modules/etc is going to be what makes me the $$$ (hopefully?), but I feel that there's a good need for some WHMCS guides, tutorials, walkthroughs out there. Their docs are rather lacking in that respect (or so I feel)

That said, I've started up the 'blog' section of WHMCS Guru. Partly to do that, partly to promote my own stuff ( a bit ).

So, the question now, I guess would be... What would you like to see in there (WHMCS related, of course)? What parts of WHMCS are you finding confusing, or needing a bit more help with than the docs themselves provide?
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