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If you need help in choosing the best hosting provider that really depends on your need and in general I will suggest you to

1. Take a look on the plans of many providers and choose the best suited few for you.
2. Once you have the shortlisted companies , go in a detailed investigation about those and main things you need to check are

2.1 Do they have a good reputation across the internet
2.2 If any bad reviews , then read that in detail and see if that is caused due to any bad SLA terms or Support mistake as there are many fake responses now a days
2.3 Read the Terms of service agreement and understand and ask and confirm with their support team
2.4 Try a sample chat and ticket to see if they really helpful in time etc . Most chats will be sales only online and not support. You really need to check those .

3. Once you do the above the list will be countable in fingers and you can then it depends on the best in terms of amount and the location of the server where your most of the clients will be located.

Hope this helps