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Originally Posted by Alex - A2hosting View Post
@easyhostmedia -- Master and Alpha reseller faded away because no reputable host is going to offer them. It is destined for disaster. Nothing to do with the 'cloud'.

As no reputable host offers them, the main way in is via a VPS (extremely bad idea) or a Dedicated Server (bad idea) and not to mention all the licensing costs to get to a stage where it is possible to offer these services.

With the price point, most of the new startups won't consider it as they'd much prefer a reseller which is easier to start out.

As for @OP - Yes I'd recommend you offer reseller hosting. There is still many, many potential clients looking specifically for reseller and I don't think will change anytime soon.
Well said Alex and very true. There is a reason that none of the biggest hosts have every offered master or alpha reseller hosting. To hard to guarantee quality.
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